Council names Gettys to Industrial Board

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 2, 2003

The Greenville City Council named Alabama Power’s Judy Gettys to replace resigning Joe Watts on the Greenville Industrial Development Board at its December 23 meeting.

Gettys, who is the Greenville Alabama Power manager, is looking forward to assuming the position.

&uot;It’s such an exciting time to be a part of something like this,&uot; Gettys said. &uot;I like to call the mayor Greenville’s head cheerleader. He is just so enthusiastic, and rightly so. You just get caught up in his enthusiasm.&uot;

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Gettys feels the board is a great tool for the betterment of the Greenville community.

&uot;This is a great town,&uot; she said. &uot;It just needs jobs, so that its youngest and brightest will stay right here. We’ve got such a dream. You raise your children, educate them and the next thing you know, they are gone.&uot;

Gettys said Greenville is a great place to live and work, but the area needs jobs.

&uot;We need to bring in quality jobs, and that’s what the Industrial Development Board does,&uot; she said. &uot;We also are responsible for retaining the industry we already have. People get so caught up in recruiting, and the Board is definitely doing that, but in actuality, most jobs are from the existing industry that you have, so you have to keep them.&uot;

The Alabama Power manager also holds a seat on the Butler County Commission for Economic Development, which is headed by Ricky McLaney.

&uot;I have been a member of the BCCED since I arrived at my position at this office,&uot; Gettys said. &uot;I will continue to serve on that board. It’s a county entity that includes Georgiana and McKenzie. My company services those areas, so I feel a real obligation to that group.&uot;

"The county and city boards are not in competition with each other, Gettys said. Rather, they complement each other."

Another item covered on the council’s agenda was the tabling of the bid award for roofing work to be done on the Public Works Department building until the next meeting.

&uot;We have two bids that are very close to one another, and then we have one that is much cheaper,&uot; Mayor Dexter McLendon said. &uot;We would like to have time to contact the low-bid company to ascertain if they understand exactly what we are asking to be done and clarify what they are bidding on.&uot;

The council also approved a request from Middleton Oil Company to sell retail off-premise table wine.

Four payments were approved for:Trenholm Technological. One payment of $967.62 for EMT III course tuition and books for firefighter Tommy Butts. One payment of $967.62 for EMT III course tuition and books for firefighter Chris Killebrew. One payment of $1,421.23 for EMT III course tuition and books for firefighter Dale Lawrence, and One payment of $1,421.23 for EMT III course tuition and books for firefighter Matt Parker.