City Council approves new repeater for Fire Dept.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 30, 2002

The Greenville City Council met Monday, Oct. 28, at 5:30 p.m. and council members approved the installation of a new repeater on the water tank at the intersection of Commerce and College streets in Greenville.

&uot;The repeaters [radio transmitters] are an integral part of the Greenville Fire Department’s communication system,&uot; said Fire Chief Mike Phillips. &uot;We were hampered in our citywide communications several years ago when the repeater was moved from the city’s water tank to a fire tower on Ridge Rd. It improved our countywide communications, but critically altered our abilities citywide.&uot;

The council approved up to $3,000 to be paid to the Alabama Forestry Commission, which will install and maintain the repeater. The commission owns and operates the radio system that the fire department uses for its communications.

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Phillips says that, with the addition of the water tank repeater, the department’s radio system will use three repeaters – the other ones are in Georgiana and on Ridge Rd.

&uot;With the three in place, we will have great county- and citywide communications,&uot; Phillips said. &uot;We will be where we need to be to effectively cover the entire area.&uot;

Council members expressed concern over the forestry commission’s control over the repeater’s location.

&uot;We want it stipulated that if we pay for this [repeater], it can’t be moved without the city council’s permission,&uot; Mayor Dexter McLendon said.

Phillips said he will pass that along to the forestry commission.

Councilman Jeddo Bell presented a petition from several residents of Government St. requesting that a street light and four-way stop sign be installed at the corners of Government, Norvell and Crum streets.

The residents complained to Bell about motorists speeding on the street, presenting a safety concern, and several people congregating on that street corner. The residents also want a speed bump installed on Government St.

Mayor McLendon asked Chief Lonzo Ingram to look into the matter and report back to the council at its next meeting.

Other agenda items include:

o Ordinance 2002-05 and 2002-06 were tabled until the next meeting, allowing Councilman Steve Norman to get the final reports necessary for discussion.

o A resolution to adopt policies and procedures for the Methodist Hill housing rehabilitation project was approved.

o A resolution to authorize the mayor to enter into contract with Gerald Carter & Associates for polygraph services at $300 per month was approved. The contract would allow the police department to have the company on call for necessary polygraphs and training services.

o A resolution was approved authorizing the mayor to enter into contract with Roth, McHugh & Associates for administrative services in conjunction with the Methodist Hill housing rehabilitation.

o A resolution was approved authorizing the mayor to enter into contract with Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, Inc. for engineering services in conjunction with the Methodist Hill sewer improvements.

o A resolution was approved authorizing temporary transfer of funds from the capital improvement fund to the general fund. The transfer is necessary because the ad valorem taxes won’t be collected until the beginning of the year and the city will need to meet payroll and expense obligations before then. The money will be returned to the capital fund when the taxes are collected.

o The council approved the expenditure of $7,380 to be paid to Falcon Wireless for the grant purchase of police portable radios and shoulder microphones.

The city council will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 12, due to the Veterans Day holiday on Nov. 11.