Invisible powder leads to arrest

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 7, 2002

The Georgiana Police Department used state-of-the-art technology in the apprehension of a burglary suspect, after several cases of burglaries occurred at a Georgiana business.

&uot;On Aug. 25, we investigated a burglary that had occurred at Whittle’s B.P. Station, on Palmer Avenue in Georgiana,&uot; said Police Chief James Blackmon. &uot;This not being the first time that store had been broken into, we took extra efforts to apprehend any suspect.&uot;

Blackmon said his agency does everything it can to prevent burglaries, but that in this particular case the police went a step further.

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&uot;We placed an invisible fluorescent powder in the store in places that only a burglary suspect would come into contact with it,&uot; Blackmon said. &uot;After the last burglary, we began to look for suspects n we picked one up and brought him to the police department, where we placed him under a special light used for detecting the powder.

&uot;The suspect had the fluorescent powder all over his body n it cannot be washed off,&uot; Blackmon said. &uot;The suspect, Jerry Williams, a 33-year-old black male from Georgiana was charged with burglary, third degree, and placed in the Butler County jail.&uot;

In a separate case, the Georgiana Police Department made an arrest in a burglary in South Georgiana.

&uot;On Aug. 22, a report was filed with our department in reference to a burglary and theft of property at Smurfit, Stone and Container Corp., located on South Palmer Avenue,&uot; Blackmon said. &uot;Equipment reportedly valued at $11,485 was stolen from this location.&uot;

Blackmon said investigation led to the arrest of Alfred Lloyd McKee, a 51-year-old black male, who was charged with burglary, third degree, and theft of property, first degree, and was placed in the Butler County jail.

&uot;We were able to recover approximately $7,650 worth of equipment taken from the business,&uot; Blackmon said.

The chief law enforcement officer said that anytime people know of a crime being committed, or have information that could assist officers in investigating crimes, they should call his office, at 334-376-2801.

&uot;People with information do not necessarily need to give their name,&uot; Blackmon said, &uot;we just want to solve the crimes and put the criminals behind bars.&uot;