Leaders#039; recruiting efforts appreciated

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 24, 2002

Butler County leaders deserve an A+ on their work to actively recruit Hyundai suppliers to the county.

The City of Greenville, Butler County, and the many economic development concerns in our community have put their best foot forward, making great strides toward landing new jobs for our residents as the arrival of the feeder factories for the Korean automotive giant draws nearer to becoming a reality.

The Butler County Industrial Park is being filled as fast as facilities can be built, and many suppliers of the automotive industry have made several return visits to our county, which can only mean that we are on their minds more so than other communities.

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It is only with our continued support of those that would attract industry, that we as a whole can prosper, bringing to a close the days when unemployment rates exist at levels of major concern.

Economic development is a slow, methodical process, and our leaders deserve a pat on the back at this stage in the game.