School is in, slow down

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 10, 2002

Area schools open next week, and with that comes increased traffic around school campuses, and on our streets and highways.

Drivers should exercise extreme caution – as always – where children are present.

Expect traffic to be heaviest during the first week of school since parents will be acclimating their children to new surroundings in many cases.

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Traffic is also expected to be higher around W.O. Parmer Elementary, Greenville Elementary and Greenville Middle School due to increased enrollment.

Motorists need to also exercise caution and follow the law related to school buses.

First, there are lots of them every morning and afternoon crossing Ft. Dale Street on Oliver Street and heading to Commerce Street after leaving W.O. Parmer, Greenville Elementary and Greenville Middle School.

Second, it is illegal to pass a school bus that is stopped, regardless of which direction a motorist is heading – even on a highway. So if a west-bound school bus is stopped on the Pineapple Highway, east-bound traffic must stop. Not only is it the law, but children’s lives are at stake.

Finally, motorists should beware of children walking out from behind a school bus after the school bus starts moving.

Remember, these simple things could save a life.