World disintegration not in the cards

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 3, 2002

Is the world bent on pulling a "self-destruct" Mission Impossible-type doomsday disintegration?

Perhaps, considering the interracial and inter-national conflict extant in the world today, with sabers clashing and neighboring countries suffering the onslaught of murderous conflict where even helpless, innocent babies and children are put to death by demonic forces throughout the earth.

Are we falling into that trap that was set by Nero's fiddling as Rome fell victim to an all-consuming fire that signalled the final fall of that once-all-powerful Roman Empire?

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All the above rubbish may be symbolic of things to come.

But, we don't believe this is so (not for one minute), despite the terrorist tactics rampant throughout the earth as we now know it.

There have been too many advances in technology, medical science, communications and in other areas for all of those efforts to come naught. That is our belief.

Throughout the ages there has been a glut of so-called know-it-alls who have predicted the end of the world.

None of those predictions have yet borne fruit.

Those notices of finality have served only to create apprehension for the gullible, unlearned segments globally.

To disintegrate or not to disintegrate, that is the question.

When the stage is set for the debate on this issue, you have my permission to push me and my ilk up to the microphone to take the negative (con) stance.

Me and my shadows believe the Creator created this orb, and He, and only He has the ability to obliterate it.

No mere man has such power.