Bad girls always smell expensive

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 27, 2002

Do you sometimes get tired of being good? Is there a bad boy or bad girl inside you who wants to come out and play?

I was raised to be a good girl. You know, the kind of child parents smile about. I didn't have tantrums or disobey. I was quiet and polite. But lurking inside was a bad girl who wanted out. She wanted to scream like a banshee, defy every rule, run wild in the street. But the people pleaser in me wouldn't let her out. So, I never knew how it felt to be a bad girl.

Then in high school I met a boya bad boy. He was black leather jacket type with slicked back hair. He was hotrods and motorcycles, perpetual detention hall and every parent's nightmare. And he was my only youthful brush with being bad.

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But I remember the rush and excitement of stepping outside my norm even to this day. Now I'm not talking felony behavior here, but maybe sometimes we need to indulge our bad boy or bad girl a little bit. It's somewhat boring to be good all the time.

I wouldn't begin to try to define what constitutes a "bad boy". But I sure know what I mean by "bad girls". They say what's on their minds without first measuring their words, they make themselves happy rather than hope the world will do it, and they don't worry about what cards they're dealtthey know it's how they play the hand.

Bad girls know: it's O.K. to be bad and it's O.K. to be good so long as you are real. And one more really important thing; bad girls always smell expensive and never leave the house without fabulous earrings!