Defending the right to obscurity

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I'll defend to the death my right to obscurity

because there is no such thing as privacy for those of celebrity status, a class to which I happily do not belong.

The monstrous news media of this great nation simply will not allow any stone to remain unturned in its cold-blooded quest that would uncover every nuance of the lives of people with high profiles.

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They flog and pry into the innermost and closely held thoughts, deeds and actions of these folks.

They jab and stab, much like the acupuncture practitioners, into the lives and activities of celebs.

The latest instance that comes to mind in this regard involves Beatle Paul McCartney's late wife, Linda.

A close McCartney friend was quizzed on the tube in a non-ending, pressure-packed staccato harangue by a newsman (?) who simply did not have the grace to cease and desist when politely asked to do so.

The interviewer was seeking to uncover information about possible assisted suicide in the McCartney case, an act he insinuated "may" have transpired despite a pronounced disavowal of such activity.

I personally would have fed that inquisitor a knuckle sandwich should he have used such tactics on me with family members or friends of my household.

A fairly recent intrusion on a grand scale was, and is still being exhaustively microscoped is the Princess Di situation.

It's a blatant National Enquirer type, inflammatory practice that appeals to the prurient sector, those who are obsessively interested in matters that are none of their business.

Such fascination with others' activities is not only unseeming but disgusting as well, for lack of a better usage. Don't forget, this is a family newspaper and decorum prevents stronger indictments.

In any event, in the next opinionated column I'll strive to discourse on a lighter note, if we can discover some "good news" to report.

Meanwhile, I thank the good Lord that my lot is one that coincides with that of the somewhat silent majority

a seat among those of the Obscurity classification.