CenturyTel to replace Verizon

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Greenville's telephone service has, like the leopard, changed its spots with the Verizon facility's sale to CenturyTel on July 1.

The local phone service is one of 90 such exchanges servicing the State of Alabama.

Four representatives of CenturyTel were hosted at a reception held at the Greenville Depot last week.

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Master of Ceremonies Steve Norman, mayor pro tempore, greeted the deligation that was attended by some 50 local businessmen and community leaders.

He assured those present that the new phone service would be represented as a good corporate entity.

Company representatives included Dill Thompson, Jeff Adams, Andrew Aultz and Tim Griffin.

The purchase of Verizon is part of one of the largest acquisitions in CenturyTel history for which they paid some $2.16 billion in cash for access lines in Alabama and Missouri.

Glenn F. Post III, president and CEO of CenturyTel, was quoted by his Alabama deligation as follows: "Our strength is in our ability to bring advanced communications to smaller cities and rural areas of the country, services typically only available in larger markets. We are very glad to bring that commitment to Alabama."

Alabama customers should see no change in area codes, telephone numbers or local calling areas as a result of this sale. All local telephone customer accounts will automatically transfer to CenturyTel, and customers will receive CenturyTel bills beginning this month.