Time waits for no man

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 26, 2002

One of the hardest things to evaluate properly is time.

The normal measurements of that element are the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and so on that tick away interminably.

An average individual pays little attention to the passage of time, but those who do contemplate it find it to be a heavy subject indeed.

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Take an athlete, for example; in

many instances a second in time to him seems to have the duration of approximately an eternity. In other cases it doesn't amount to a twink.

This was brought home forcibly during last year's broadcast of the winter Olympics Games.

Think of the enormity of it, friends, the entire future of an individual can be determined by even a fluke; the fluke being a stumble ( or some such) at the finish line.

If an athlete stumbles and gets even an infinitesimal jiffy ahead of the fellow next to him and thus wins the gold, his fortune is assured. He can realize millions of dollars in endorsements, world acclaim and an assured status as a legendary hero throughout life.

That about sums it up for fast time.

The best example of slow time may be best illustrated by the amount of it used up in the last minute of a basketball game and/or the time consumed after the annoying ad man says the regular program will resume

"following these messages."

That's when one is thankful for the hand-held remote control channel-changer that features a "mute" button.

In any event, we assume the reader understands this "time" discussion.

All we know at the Advocate is that it (time) does not stand still, that it leads to eternity and there is not enough of it in the day to get the job done.