Harris beats Harden in run-off

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Butler County voters re-elected Sheriff Diane Harris for a third term, and elected challenger Richard Hornsby as coroner.

According to the official results of Tuesday night's primary run-off, Harris beat out challenger Kenny Harden by a mere 100 votes, with the results standing at 2,502, or 51 percent, to 2,402, or 49 percent.

The candidates were forced into a run-off for the office because neither received 51 percent of the vote in the primary election. On June 4, Harris collected 2,113 votes, or 38 percent, to Harden's 1,640 votes, or 28 percent. Also in the June 4 vote, Danny Bond had 1,273 votes, Lonzo Ingram had 684 votes, Danny &uot;Fuzz&uot; Duke had 142 votes.

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&uot;I feel very honored. I appreciate the confidence that the people of Butler County have in me for a third term,&uot; Harris said. &uot;We want to continue doing what we've been doing for the past eight years now and continue enforcing the law and helping the citizens of Butler County.

&uot;I'd like to say I thank them for their prayers most of all, and their votes because it's been hard trying to work and get out to campaign. I cannot say enough about how I feel tonight

I'm just overwhelmed. I checked with the Alabama Sheriff's Association this past week and I am the only sheriff in Butler County to be elected for a third term since 1964 and that sheriff was Worth Thomas. Sheriff Henry Sanford was elected later on, but he did not fulfill the third term because he died in office. So, I'm very, very honored,&uot; she said.

&uot;There will be some changes. I am not going to elaborate on those at this time. We're just going to get back in there and do what we need to do to better Butler County in the Sheriff's Office. I just thank all the citizens for their support and their confidence in me. God bless you,&uot; she said.

&uot;I feel that still 65 percent of the people in Butler County want to make a change. A lot of us probably felt that it was going to be a shoe in and they wouldn't have to worry about coming to the polls today. I think that, in the morning, there will be a lot of people who will wish they had gone to the polls because they do want a change in the Butler County Sheriff's Department. But I will still be working for the people of Butler County and looking for the future,&uot; said Harden.

In the race for coroner, Hornsby beat incumbent Wayne Garlock by a mere 156 votes with a vote total of 2,526, or 52 percent, to 2,370, or 48 percent. Garlock and Hornsby also were forced into the primary run-off because neither received 51 percent of the vote in the primary election. In the previous race, Garlock received 2,236 votes, or 40 percent, while Hornsby collected 2,108 votes, or 38 percent.

&uot;Thanks to everybody that supported us. We are deeply appreciative of everyone. I would like to give a special thanks to his family who got out and beat the streets. We would especially like to give a special thanks to his grandmother, Bonnie Hornsby, who is elderly, but got out there and campaigned and beat the streets herself. Without the help of his family who worked so hard, we would not have come out on top,&uot; said Tammy Hornsby, wife of Richard, who was working and was unavailable for comment.

&uot;Richard just wants to tell everyone thank you and they he will do his very best to serve the citizens of Butler County.&uot;