Get out and vote…Primary run-off set for Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 22, 2002

On Tuesday, Butler County residents will return to the polls to vote in the primary election run-offs. Butler County Probate Judge MacDonald Russell said that there has been some confusion as to whether or not those who voted in the Democratic primary on the June 4 could vote on the Republican ticket Tuesday.

"The Republicans do not have a crossover voting rule, so no matter where you voted in the primary, you can vote in their run-off. If on primary day a voter participated in the Republican Party's primary, then the Democratic Party's crossover rule states that the voter may not participate in the democratic primary run-off. But, poll workers aren't party officials and they aren't enforcers. They will give you the ballot you ask for," said Russell.

However, at the bottom of the Democratic ballot, it says, "By casting this ballot, I pledge myself to abide by the result of this Primary Election and to aid and support all of the Nominees thereof in the ensuing General Election."

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Two local races are on the Democratic run-off ballot. Incumbent Diane Harris will face Kenny Harden for Butler County Sheriff and incumbent Wayne Garlock will face Richard Hornsby in the race for Butler County coroner.

Harris collected 2,113 votes, or 36 percent to Harden's 1,640, or 28 percent in the June 4 primary, while in the race for coroner, challenger Richard Hornsby received 2,236 votes, or 40 percent, to incumbent Wayne Garlock's 2,108 votes, or 38 percent.

Also on the Democratic ticket, the run-off for United States Senator will be between Julian McPhillips and Susan Parker. For secretary of state, Chris Pitts and Nancy L. Worley will be in the run-off. For state treasurer Stephen Black and Carol Jean Smith will be on the ballot along with Debbie Tucker Corbett and Carolyn Gibson for state auditor.

On the Republican ballot, Dave Thomas and Dean Young will be vying for the position of secretary of state while Kay Ivey and Lisa Wallace will run for the position of state treasurer.

Greenville native Beth Chapman also will be in the run-off election for state auditor against Mobile native Jim Zeigler.

Butler County residents should vote in their designated voting houses, all of which will be open from 8 a.m. n 6 p.m.