Voter turn-out higher than expected

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 12, 2002

It was predicted the week before the election that statewide, only 30 percent of registered voters would go out to the polls. Here in Butler County, that turnout was

in the 40 percent range.

Butler County Circuit Clerk Allen Stephenson said that the local elections, specifically the race for sheriff, is what brought most people out of their homes on that hot Tuesday to the polls.

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That says a lot about Butler Countians.

It says that we care about who is in our local offices. It says that we keep up with local politics and that we care enough about our community that we get out and vote in the elections. After all, we can't complain about those in office if we put the vote off on someone else.

It is possible that since the last presidential election that people are becoming more politically responsible when it comes to voting,as we all should be.

The only way to make a difference in the political process is to use our American right to vote.

Keep up the good work, residents. Get out and vote on June 25.