Russell ousts Branum–Peavey wins, run-offs for sheriff, coroner

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Probate Judge Mack Russell beat incumbent Barry Branum 3,763-1,963 to claim the Democratic nomination for district judge. He will not face a Republican challenger in November.

Russell said he was ecstatic about the vote, "Well it's just been a long campaign that has been going on for a year. I started talking about it back in October, and announced it in February. A lot of people have been very nice to me. I think it was a very clean campaign and we both worked hard. I am very pleased and I want to thank all of my friends, family and those who endorsed me for this campaign," said Russell.

In the race for Butler County Sheriff, Diane Harris and Kenny Harden are headed to a June 25 run-off. Harris collected 2,113 votes, or 36 percent to Harden's 1,640, or 28 percent. Danny Bond had 1,273 votes, Greenville Police Chief Lonzo Ingram had 684, and Danny "Fuzz" Duke had 142 votes.

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"I feel good about the election. I started out against an incumbent who's been there for seven years and three months. That's two elections she has won. So, I feel good about it that I'm the second runner-up there. And, I'm going to be the first runner-up June 25. The only way I can go from here is up," said Harden.

When asked how she felt about the turn-out, Harris said, "Well, I'm excited. I knew that it was going to be a run-off, and that nobody would take it all the way the first go-round. That's the way it's always been since I started running for sheriff. So, we will be back in three weeks to continue doing what we're doing and, with the help and the prayers of the people who are out there, we will continue to be sheriff in 2002 and look forward to the next campaign."

In the race for tax collector, incumbent Belle Peavy was re-elected to office with 4,449 votes, or 76 percent, over challenger John Hall, who received 1,346 votes or 23 percent. "I am so thankful for what the voters have done for me tonight. It's just a statement of their trust, and I am just thankful to God that I have the opportunity to be tax collector of Butler County. I would just like to thank my family who has worked their hearts out," said Peavy. At the end of her present term, Peavy will have served Butler County as tax collector for 12 years, and will begin her third six-year term.

The candidates for coroner also will face a run-off on June 25 as challenger Richard Hornsby received 2,236 votes, or 40 percent, to incumbent Wayne Garlock's 2,108 votes, or 38 percent.

In the race for Butler County Board of Education District 1, incumbent Billy Jones will serve a third six-year term as he received 658 votes, or 58 percent, to his opponent's, Debra Gale Edwards Scott, 460 votes, or 41 percent. "I would really like to thank everyone. It has really been a pleasure and I look forward to serving another six years," said Jones.

In District 2, Challenger Terry Williams received 551 votes, or 55 percent, to defeat incumbent Dennis Phillips who received 450 votes, or 44 percent. "You give me lemons, I give you lemonade. It was an exciting race and I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Phillips. We ran a clean and very responsible race, and it is very good to be a winner," said Williams.

Incumbent Frank Thigpen of District 3 will return to the board of education after receiving 689 votes, or 56 percent, over challenger Miriam Nixon's 528 votes, or 43 percent.

In District 4, challenger Linda Cook Hamilton defeated incumbent John Peagler with 658 votes, or 61 percent, to Peagler's, 419 votes, or 38 percent. "God has spoken, and I am going to do more than my best to meet the expectations of the people of my district," said Hamilton.

In District 5, retired teacher and challenger Joanne Peak will take the seat after defeating incumbent Rudy McCrory. Peak received 759 votes, or 69 percent, to McCrory's 329 votes, or 30 percent. "I appreciate all of the support and votes that I received in my district. I am looking forward to working for District 5, and helping the children of my district have a better education."

The race for governor on the Democratic ticket was led by incumbent Don Siegelman whose 2,934 votes accounted for 55 percent. Siegelman was followed by Charles Bishop who had 2,019 votes, or 38.49 percent. Mark Townsend, Gladys Riddle and Blake Harper III each accumulated less than three percent of the vote.

Don Siegelman was named the winner of the Democratic primary.

Julian McPhillips received

a majority of the votes in the race for U.S. Senate. McPhillips' 2,882 votes

made up 55 percent of those counted with Susan Parker receiving 1,973 votes, or 38 percent, and Wayne Sowell receiving 292 votes, or five percent.

The race for secretary of state had Nancy Worley picking up 57 percent of the local votes. Chris Pitts came in second with 22 percent and Steve Segrest finished with 20 percent.

In the race for state treasurer, Carol Jean Smith came through with 2,283 votes, or 51 percent. Opponent Stephen Black garnered 1,281 votes, or 28 percent, and Greg Foster received 926 votes, or 20 percent.

Carolyn Gibson received 60 percent of the Butler County vote for state auditor with Debbie Tucker Corbett in second with 675 votes, or 15.02 percent. Karen Jackson received 621 votes or 13 percent and Earl Gavin and Jerry Nelson received less than six percent each.

The race for commissioner of agriculture and industries saw Ron Sparks with 2,009 votes, Nathan Mathis a close second with 1,750 votes, and Jacky Warhurst receiving 428 votes.

In the Republican party primary, Greenville resident Tim James led the polls with 48 percent and received 232 votes. Opponent Bob Riley received only 40 percent of the local vote, but received a majority of the state vote and has been named the winner of that race. Steve Windom received only 53 votes locally which accounted for 11 percent.

Bill Armistead received over 88 percent of the votes for lieutenant governor to Cheryl Bahakel's 11 percent.

Greenville native Beth Chapman led the Republican primary for state auditor with 275 votes.

The run-off election will be held Tuesday, June 25.