June 4 election is about progress

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 1, 2002

Tuesday is quickly approaching and before going to bed, residents of Butler County will hear the results for the positions of sheriff, board of education, district judge, tax collector and coroner in addition to the many state and national races.

The Advocate has provided readers with some information about the election and the candidates, but not everyone has been able to meet with the candidates face-to-face to question them on platforms. All local candidates are vying for spots in the Democratic primary. Here are our recommendations in certain races:

Butler County District Judge: Mack Russell

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He is the most passionate and hard-working candidate. As probate judge, he has worked hard and has proven his commitment to the residents of Butler County. Because of his dedication to his position as a judge, we feel that the backlog that we are now experiencing in the district court will not happen again.

Butler County Sheriff: Lonzo Ingram

We feel Ingram is the most qualified and enthusiastic candidate. His progress as police chief as well as his well-known track record in establishing new programs and efficiently closing cases will be what makes him an effective sheriff. His 30 years of experience in law enforcement makes him the most qualified and the most knowledgeable in serving the people of Butler County.

Butler County Tax Collector: John Hall.

Butler County Coroner: Wayne Garlock.

Governor: Don Siegelman.

We are pleased that there is opposition in every board of education district because it gives voters an opportunity to see where their potential representative stands on any issue important to them due to the battle for votes. Our recommendations for Butler County Board of Education board members are:

District 1: Billy Jones.

District 2: Dennis Phillips.

District 4: John Peagler.

District 5: Joanne Peak.

In District 3, two candidates are running who are very qualified in very different aspects, and we feel that either Frank Thigpen or Miriam Callison Nixon will serve their district well.

We make the following recommendations in the Republican primary:

Governor: Tim James

The Greenville businessman is well known throughout the county and has worked to produce a name for himself in business throughout the State of Alabama. We feel that his adamant opposition to a lottery as well as his dedication to keep our current constitution alive are basic fundamental values. It also is important for the citizens of Alabama to have a businessman in the office rather than a politician.

State Auditor: Beth Chapman

After years of serving elected officials including former governor Fob James, Chapman has decided to throw her hat in the ring. And it comes as no surprise to us that the Greenville native's campaign trail efforts reflect her vast experience in the public eye.