Get out and question the candidates

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 29, 2002

This Thursday, The Greenville Advocate will host a forum for candidates for the June 4 election at the Greenville High School auditorium at 6:30 p.m.

The forum is designed to give Butler County residents an opportunity to hear questions, submitted by the public, that the candidates will be asked.

Electing an official to an office, whether it be district judge, board of education, sheriff, etc. is a right that we are given by the United States and the State of Alabama constitutions. Our forefathers fought for this right for us as citizens of the U.S., and it is our responsibility to be informed and up-to-date on the issues and how each of the candidates stand on these issues.

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Several candidates have run announcements and advertisements in The Greenville Advocate in hopes of getting the word out that they are running for office. They also have put up signs across the county and many have gone door-to-door to meet the citizens of the county. However, not all residents have been able to find out what issues candidates think are the most important, and not all candidates have been able to hear what issues residents think are important.

Take advantage of this opportunity on Thursday night. The Advocate is accepting question submissions until Thursday at noon. Do your part and keep informed. If there is a question that you feel needs to be answered, then chances are, other residents of the county feel the same.

Send submissions to The Greenville Advocate, P.O. Box 507, Greenville, Alabama 36037 or to Questions also may be submitted by calling (334) 382-3111 ext. 125, by fax at (334) 382-7104 or by dropping them off at 103 Hickory Street.