Graduation time is here

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 25, 2002

The time has come for us to honor our accomplished young adults, those who have persevered for 12 long years to prepare for the outside world.

Proud parents will witness as their children march down those aisles dressed in caps and gowns, many with tear-filled eyes, as they realize for the first time that the end of an era is upon them.

Those days of football games, dances, after-school clubs, and even just standing by lockers in between classes talking to friends are gone.

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Certainly, the graduates will need further assistance and guidance from us as they make decisions that will impact their futures, and mark the paths of their destinies. But what the accomplished young adults need right now more than anything else is the moral support of their families, friends and community.

We can all reflect back to the first steps we made into the wide-open world after high school, remembering how it felt to look toward the unknown. It was a big step, but with a guiding and understanding hand from those that were thereto

lend support, it was not quite as difficult.

And so, when you see one of the county’s newest graduates, smile and congratulate them. It is these words of encouragement that will make them feel better as they face the challenges of the unknown for the first time.