Montgomery mayor addresses BCMA

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 27, 2002

The Butler County Manufacturers Association (BCMA) was treated to an outlining of factors used in the wooing and winning of a highly sought after $1 billion industry.

Guest speaker Mayor Bobby Bright of Montgomery meticulously detailed the methods handling employed in the successful landing of the Hyundai Automotive manufacturing firm that promises the employment of 2,000 workers.

In a step-by-step dissertation, Mayor Bright profiled the various processes involved in the winning of the Korean facility, wresting it for Montgomery County over numerous other states and areas in a fiercely contested battle.

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Speaking to 52 BCMA members and guests, Bright said the bulk of that credit for earning this "championship" crown should not be awarded to himself and Gov. Siegelman, but should be reposed in the "behind the scenes" people who worked tirelessly for long hours in making their "dream" a reality.

He noted that everything came to fruition when the Hope Hull area (contiguous with Montgomery along I-65) was selected as the locale for the Korean operation.

Bright said Greenville is ideally located (some 35 miles south of the factory on I-65) for situating spin-off support suppliers to contribute to the overall program of Hyundai.

He also touched on the subject of landing such support industries.

"It's a long, involved process that will require a lot of hard work and attention to detail," Bright said.

Much of what the mayor suggested here already is in progress with Economic Developer Rick McLaney, Mayor Dexter McLendon, the city council and county commission working hand-in-glove for the objective of recruiting support industries.

Besides McLaney and McLendon, other dignitaries also present included Mayor Betty Stinson of McKenzie, State Senator Wendell Mitchell and State Representative Charles Newton.