Don#039;t let good times of spring pass you by

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 20, 2002

It's Sunday night.

The crickets are chirping outside the open patio door while my spouse sniffles on the couch, trying to recover from that all-too-common malady, the cold.

My allergies are kickin' it, too

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but I do so love that fresh, cool night air.

Hey, summer and 24/7 air conditioning will be here all too quickly, I figure.

In the meantime, spring is springing into high gear…it's been a busy week and things will only get busier.

I very much enjoyed interviewing that lovely and talented lady, fellow Arts League member Juanita Carter for our "Active Living" supplement that appeared in Saturday's paper.

Miss' Juanita is living proof that your senior years can indeed be golden.

She's not letting spring's pleasures pass her by.

If you haven't checked out, the art show and sale at the former Greenville Ford building on Commerce St.

get thee hence this week.

Many of Miss Juanita's fine paintings are on exhibit along with paintings, sculpture, collages and photography by many other local talents (even yours truly).

The fabulous ceramic and stained glass creations of Cynthia Dahlstrom (an artist I have previously profiled) are not to be missed…and check out the delightfully whimsical newspaper sculpture by Carmen Lancaster (another talent seen previously in the Advocate).


there are several new displays that have gone up since last Sunday's grand opening.

So stop by this week and enjoy the visual arts here in the best small town in the USA!

If you like what you see and know the artist, tell them…and if you know our fearless FAL president Tom Braxton, give the man a pat on the back for a job well done in organizing it all.

Speaking of the arts in Greenville, wasn't "Honky Tonk Angels" just wonderful at the Ritz?

I have heard many positive comments from theater patrons about this spirited production.

Even spouse Benny, not generally a giant fan of musical theater, really had fun with this one.

Kudos to Miss Bobbie and the GAAC for a great show and a great season…can't wait til next season.

Many thanks also go out to the gracious ladies of the Pride of Greenville Garden Club who invited me on their most recent excursion to Selma to tour and enjoy a luncheon at Brownstone Manor.

This impressive abode is Dallas County's largest home

and one with a fascinating history.

Ft. Deposit native Sam Golson owns the home and this energetic, wiry redhead is a natural-born storyteller.

I'll be sharing some of his tales in a future article on the trip.

Other things to look forward to include monthly profiles of local artists and features on some of our wonderful volunteers here in Butler County.

You can armchair travel' with an upcoming story on the recent Senior Circle trip to gorgeous, tropical Hawaii.

We'll also continue to keep you up to date on the latest news from the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

a great party for a great cause.

This weekend enjoy the great outdoors and help this great cause by attending the WestPoint Steven's pillow plant's family carnival slated for Saturday from 2-4:30 p.m. in Confederate Park.

This is a beautiful and safe location and there are lots of things planned

so plan to turn out and support this worthy endeavor.

There is also a great local tradition going on this weekend.

The annual Calico Fort Arts and Crafts Fair is set for Saturday and Sunday in our neighboring city of Fort Deposit.

This is a big show featuring the work of many talented artisans from throughout the Southeast, plus great live entertainment, tasty food, contests, games and more.

So you see, there's lots to see, do and look forward to, both here within the pages of our newspaper and throughout our local area.

If you have upcoming events to share with the community, a great story idea or the perfect person to be featured in a profile-please pass this info directly to me at or feel free to leave a message on my home machine at 382-5145.

Don't let the great times pass you by.

Get out and enjoy the fresh air, admire the art, enjoy some funnel cake, get your face painted…and read the Greenville Advocate to keep abreast of all the hometown news.