Warped up media too prevalent

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Speaking of media matters, it should be understood that oftentimes many segments of the newsgathering and dispensing industry are guilty of warped up journalism.

This includes not only television, but is a practice that also applies to radio and newspapering (notable exception: The Greenville Advocate).

You take The New York Times, for instance, whose editorial maunderings often present but one view of a subject, and hardly ever (when it suits their fancy) allowing the other side of the story to be told.

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The best example of television's talking heads who follow this practice can be found in the persons of Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Wolf Blitzer and others of that ilk.

When it comes to fair and square news coverage, the best TV example would be Fox News (Channel 64 on your set).

That station tells it like it is, with no holds barred.

In newspaperdom, besides this journal, we have The Washington News, whose pattern may be likened to Fox News reporting.

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas says journalism used to see its role as fairly and accurately presenting both sides of a story and letting the public decide which one makes sense.

He adds that now, too much of the journalism trade presents us with a conclusion and demands that we accept it or he called names like "homophobic" or "Neanderthal bigot."

Three cheers for Thomas and his peerless intellect in matters journalistic

or second consideration, let's make that 15 cheers.

Our esteemed publisher, Eric Bishop, is of a mind not unlike that of Cal Thomas.

On numerous occasions, Bishop has persisted in publishing letters to the editor, whether they be landatory or critical, concerning our news coverage and/or opinion.

The term "warped up", sadly, is too true in this modern era of telling it how many reporters want the public to think.

Well folks, Annual Agony Day should be behind you by this time. If any of you have deferred your IRS payment til later, that new date will be Agony Day with interest.

Hopefully, some of ya'll will have the delight of getting refunds.

Happy April 15.