Duke announces candidacy for sheriff

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Danny "Fuzz" Duke has qualified as a candidate for the office of sheriff of Butler County.

Danny Duke is a life-long resident of Butler County. He is the son of the late C.B. Duke and Lalar Duke, and the brother of Otto Duke, Selton Duke, Clara B. Moore and the late Clarence Duke and Crandle Duke, all of Butler County. He also is a lifelong member of Hopewell Baptist Church.

Danny Duke became known to most people as "Fuzz" Duke during his 20-year career in law enforcement. "Fuzz" began his career as police officer for the Greenville Police Department. While there he received numerous law enforcement certifications. Upon leaving the Greenville Police Department his rank was lieutenant. "Fuzz" left the police department to become a deputy for Sheriff Glen Moody, and while there, he became chief deputy for Sheriff Charlie Pouncey and was awarded "Police Officer of the Year."

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"I believe that I am qualified to perform the job as sheriff of Butler County because of my years of experience and wisdom in law enforcement. I believe that it is time that the citizens of Butler County have a sheriff that will stand up for the victims of crime and put the criminals in their proper places," said Fuzz. "Also, as sheriff, I will work for the citizens fo Butler County to make our county a safer place to live and work in.

"I will be traveling all over the county to talk with all citizens about the changes you would like to see within the sheriff's office. If I should happen to miss you, please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss changes you would like to be made so that we can make the Butler County Sheriff's Department an office for all citizens of Butler County."