Realtors believe Hyundai plant will have positive impact

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Many local real estate agents say they believe the new Hyundai plant will have a telling

impact on Greenville and Butler County although its effect may not be noticeable immediately.

Mary McKinley, owner of First Realty, said she believes the plant will have a positive impact on this area and that many industries will immediately begin looking at Butler County for possible industry sites. She said this area most likely will see many businesses which will be associated with the Hyundai factory.

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"With the plant being located on the south side of Montgomery, Greenville makes the perfect bedroom community," McKinley said. "The effect may not be immediate and we will be in a sort of holding pattern until things start happening (with the plant)."

She said she hopes the new company will increase the quality of life in the area as there will be hope for people who have been seeking job opportunities. "The pay scale is going to be great," McKinley said. "People willing to work will have a golden opportunity with the new installation."

She added that she hopes the plant will stimulate the sale of homes in Butler County and she feels that Butler County will begin to see the effect soon.

Connie Coleman of Century 21 said she feels the plant will have nothing but a positive impact on Butler County and that there will be much more interest in Greenville by people who will be moving to this area to work at the plant.

She said the jobs the facility will be offering may encourage young people who left their hometown of Greenville to go away for college to come back and work at the plant and live in Greenville.

"This will be a great opportunity for the kids who want to come back to Greenville who have gone off to school," Coleman said.

She said she feels the Hyundai operation will have a positive effect on the cost of living, and hopes that mortgages will become more affordable and interest in the area will grow.

"It is hard to believe this area will not benefit from the plant," Coleman said. "There has to be a ripple effect and people will have more money to spend; therefore, the standard of living will improve."

"I am very excited about the plant coming to Alabama," she said.

Debbie Martin, owner of Debbie Martin Realty, said she feels the plant will definitely have a positive effect on the real estate business in Butler County. She said it is hard to say whether or not the cost of living in Butler County will be affected, but that it will most likely impact the appreciation of homes in the area. "I feel Hyundai will really help us," she said.