GA student to compete in USA Junior Nationals

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 30, 2002

Greenville Academy sophomore Ginger May recently was invited to participate in the USA Junior Nationals Basketball Competition being held at the University of Alabama this week.

May said she received an information packet a few weeks ago containing the information, along with descriptions of plays each team would be using during the event.

May said the players chosen to move to the next level will compete in games held in Atlanta this summer. She said she is a bit nervous about participating, but is mostly excited about the opportunity.

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"It's gonna be pretty cool," May said. "I am not expecting to do all that well because I am going up against juniors and seniors but it's going to be a really great experience."

She said the teams will be playing 70 games and players invited to join the league will play this summer in Atlanta.

May said she had always participated in sports and at first did not believe the invitation was genuine. "At first, I just thought it was junk mail and then I opened it up and saw it was actually an invitation to play. It was neat."

The teams did not practice together at all and will simply hit the court together during the nationals. May said there will be talent scouts attending the event for different schools and teams.

She said she plans to attend Troy State University after graduation and may play sports there if she is offered a scholarship.