It should be an interesting year for politics

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 23, 2002

The process has begun. June 4 is quickly approaching and several Butler County residents have announced their candidacy for political office.

Political signs are filling the interstates and front yards, and candidates are trying to make their names the most known around the area.

This should be an interesting year in political campaigns as the race for Butler County Sheriff already has four candidates, and Probate Judge MacDonald Russell has decided to move on from his current position and run for the office of district judge. Even Walkin' Wendell has announced that he has "resoled his shoes" and will begin his campaign trail once again. The race for governor, too, should be interesting as Siegelman will face competition from Steve Windom, Tim James, Charles Bishop and Bob Riley.

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It is easy to get caught up in the hub-bub of politics, but Butler County residents should remember one thing: elect the person who is most qualified and will best serve Butler County.

Alabama has seen several cases of wrongdoings in the past year by public officials who have taken advantage of their office, and have used it for their own personal benefit. Because of this, many residents are on high alert concerning the most important issues that the candidates are facing in the upcoming four years.

Issues such as education, economic development as well as trust in public officials are more prevalent this year than they have ever been. The recession and proration hit Alabama hard this year, and these are the issues that citizens will be looking for in the platforms of these candidates

and very well they should be.

So voters remember, it is the platform of these candidates that is most important

not their ideas of the person running against them.