Oh, for a return of them Livin#039; Easy#039; days

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Back in my young youth, through the salad days and clean up to the celebration of my eighth decade, we never even considered it necessary to lock the door.

Then, along comes 9-11 and with it, the virulent reign of terrors and the complete reversal of the peace and tranquility that used to be.

What resulted, with the devestation of the twin towers and the wanton slaughter of thousands, was the endless installation of dread, and fear of a repeat of 9-11.

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Just this week, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft warned there is no end in sight; he said, "Americans should expect high alerts about terrorism to last a lifetime; a constant and serious threat."

He said that Al-Qaeda didn't train tens of thousands of people for a single day's assault.

However, Ashcroft notes that there is no conclusive evidence bin Laden's forces have obtained the capacity to launch a nuclear offensive.

That observation sparks a glimmer

dim though it may be

of optimism while the dark cloud of fear hovers over America.

All precautionary measures have been put in place by all governmental agencies concerned with defense.

In like manner also the offensive agencies

all branches of the military forces and others

are on a 24-hour alert to "seek and destroy."

The most vital target being sought is the elusive bin Laden (a shimmering ghost) who may

or may not

still exist.

Folks used to scoff at anyone who said they longed for "the good ole days."

I hope those scoffing days are a thing of the past (pun intended).

I am now, and have for years, been an ardent adherent of the days of yore when folks sang about the Old South, where "the livin' am easy."