McConico signs with UNA

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 9, 2002

Greenville High School senior Greg McConico signed a scholarship recently to play football for the University of North Alabama recently and hopes to see playing time under the school's new coaches this season.

McConico started at running back and free safety this past season at GHS and punt and kick returner. He had over 800 yards rushing and said he scored touchdowns "almost every way possible" as he ran back a kickoff for a touchdown, ran in an interception for a touchdown and ran for several touchdowns during the 2000 season.

McConico said he is undecided what he will major in at UNA, but he is looking at majoring in sports management during his career there and possibly going back to school after his football career to pursue a degree in engineering.

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He said he has a chance of seeing playing time this season as this season's team at UNA is fairly young.

"They told me that there is a possibility of my playing this year," he said. "I have to work hard and build up my size. A lot of the guys on the team now are young."

McConico said he started playing peewee football when he was in fifth grade. He said he has played football since then except for his seventh grade year and last season because of an ankle injury.

He said he plays football for the fun and roughness involved, and that he has always wanted to play professional football. He said his "dream team" is the Miami Dolphins.

"I like to play the game," McConico said. "It's fun. It's tough. I like the action. Since I was little, all I wanted to do was play in the NFL. I just have to work hard and keep trying. I just enjoy it."

The senior said that if he makes it to the NFL, he will have played football on almost every night of the week. "I played peewee on Monday nights," he said. "I played junior high on Thursday night. High school on Friday and college I will play on Saturday. NFL is going to be on Sundays. I will have played football on almost all days."

McConico said his best memory of playing football is beating Wilcox his sophomore year at GHS. He said Wilcox was on their way to the playoffs and GHS beat them 25-12 during their own homecoming game to knock them out of the running for the playoffs.

GHS then won their next game and made the playoffs. During that game, McConico had an interception that he ran in for a touchdown.

He said this past season turned out pretty well for the Tigers under a new coaching staff. "All of the new coaches came together this season and we did better than we expected," McConico said.

The athlete said that he would advise young people who wish to have futures playing sports to stay focused on their goal. "It takes hard work," he said. "Set your mind to it and do what it takes."