Infamy, brutality to share vengeance

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 6, 2002

FDR said a "Day of Infamy" occurred on Dec. 7, 1941, when the cowardly Japanese military devastated U.S. troops at Pearl Harbor.

A second such day was repeated last year when bin Laden's back-stabbing terrorists murdered thousands of innocent, unsuspecting Americans in what we will call a "day of imparalleled brutality."

Pearl Harbor was avenged with the Japs' surrender on Aug. 15, 1945, but we continue to wage war of "terrorism," nailing and hunting down those criminally brutal snipers and ambushers from the Middle East.

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Pear Harbor was avenged and we feel certain that the same fate awaits those who pledge allegiance to the heathenish, ungodly forces of Ladenism.

What their latest attack on our soil has done is to produce uncounted individuals who have stepped forward and bent every effort (often resulting in the deaths of many of their number) toward rescuing and aiding those who survived. They extended themselves far beyond the call.

The police of New York, and also the firefighters, were branded nationwide with the indelible marks of outstanding courage, heroism and daring.

And now, in this post 9-11 era, our state's capital at Montgomery has been besmirched by an opposite type of brand, one that reeks of cowardice and dastardly mishandling of power by a segment of the Montgomery Police Department (MPD).

They (the segment) used forceful means to subdue and brutalize several citizens in that metropolis.

The result has been the dismissal or resignation of eight policemen, with perhaps three move to be processed.

Police Chief Wilson has ordered a sweeping investigation of all departments and personnel under command.

All individuals in law enforcement there will come under scrutiny, and any suspect will be confronted by the personnel board.

Wilson, in effect, is cleaning house and should be commended for his actions.

Hopefully, the activities described here will have little, or no impact on the national picture.

Meanwhile, we in the Camellia City are fortunate to have a police department under Chief Lonzo Ingram that's above suspicion.

The Day of Infamy was avenged, and we are certain that the second such day (9-11) will end likewise in the foreseeable future.