Greenville Cracker Barrel celebrates fifth year

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 6, 2002

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Greenville's home of country cooking, Cracker Barrel. As part of their anniversary celebration, the staff has many events planned for both employees, residents and travelers.

"We probably will have appreciation prizes for our employees and we will recognize those that have been here since we opened," said Troy Gunderson, general manager of Cracker Barrel, who said that a cook-out probably will be part of that agenda, too.

Specifically, Gunderson said that 18 employees have received five year pins. "We have been recognized on several occasions by the corporate offices because we are one of the stores nationwide that has the lowest turnover."

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The manager said that he believes the success of Cracker Barrel is due to the fact that the company knows that the guests are number one, but that the employees definitely are number two. "We have to be consistent with our product as well as our service. We have been recognized nationally as the top ranked family restaurant for 11 years running. That's because we provide legendary service that people are used to. Many travelers plan their stops while traveling by where Cracker Barrel stores are located, and we just want to give them good service," Gunderson explained.

Gunderson, who has been working with the company for over seven years, said that one of the best things about working with Cracker Barrel is that he and his staff has the ability to make an impact on customers. "We want to exceed the expectations of customers, and make them feel welcome and happy that they chose to dine with us."

And it is that positive attitude that has made an impression on both Greenville residents and travelers. The store itself has won several awards, including several district and regional awards in the areas of productivity and guest services. Locally, the restaurant was a recipient of the landscaping award given by the Sasanqua Garden Club, and Gunderson, himself, was honored with the corporate General Manager of the Year award.

"Guests have a certain expectation of the company and we just want to exceed them," said Gunderson.