We are lucky, and we should recognize that

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 20, 2002

On Friday morning, one of the network morning shows featured the upcoming movie Hart's War. The movie is based on the some of the experiences of a prisoner-of-war (POW), but the movie itself is a fictional rendition of the POW's days in a German prison camp.

After the segment was over, I realized just how lucky we are today. Many of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents may not have experienced war on American soil, but, unfortunately, they experienced war.

The year 2001 has brought a new battle, literally, that many Americans have never had to face. Senator Richard Shelby visited Butler County this week and he spoke about the war on terrorism. He said that it is not finished, and that our government will not stop fighting until it is. He spoke of Afghanistan, and the many training camps that are there, preparing our enemies to fight. He said, "Afghanistan is the size of Texas, but believe me, it is no Texas."

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I received an email last week from a Butler County resident, Tarek Jabbar, who has been deployed overseas. Although he can not tell anyone specifically where he is, many of us who know him have our guesses. He, I'm almost sure, is seeing the war firsthand, and once again, I say we're lucky

lucky to have those brave men and women who will fight for our rights and don't feel the effects from far away, but instead, watch as it becomes a part of their daily lives. To them, we owe our freedoms, and should send out thank you's as often as we can.

Sen. Shelby said this week that President Bush will not stop until the terrorism has ended, and for once, Americans have come together and agreed that this is a war that we should not fight among ourselves, but direct that energy to fight the enemy. In supporting Pres. Bush, we also are supporting the men and women like Tarek who, in turn, are supporting us.

I say again, we are lucky

lucky to only see the war firsthand on the television set, and not in our front yards.

It seems these days that terrorism is everywhere. Sen. Shelby said that every time he sits down on a plane, he looks around to see who else is on it with him. It is scary that we have to face such evil and so many atrocities in a world that in 2002 should be civilized.

Once again, we are lucky

lucky to have the freedoms we do, and lucky to have the freedom to write and speak about it.

Thank you, Tarek, Sen. Shelby and Pres. Bush for realizing the importance of our freedoms and for helping those of us at home continue to live in a free world.