There#039;s a monster in your house

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Listen up folks

I don't know whether or not you're aware of it, but there's an insidious monster in your house.

You may be assured there is such an ogre in residence there.

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It's electronic in nature, and it spews all sorts of invectives into the atmosphere of your home sweet home.'

This particular utility is all encompassing, injecting infection into the residents that live there

particularly the children and grandchildren who'd favor the tube over communal conversation.

We speak, to no one's surprise, of that timeless machine, your television set.

It's nothing more than a bulletin board for advertisers who spend billions annually to sell' the public their products, including many that are of dubious quality.

People with a modicum of intelligence are able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The programmers purport to invade your household for your benefit.'

Say it isn't so

because it ain't.

Right now the moguls who control the programming of this wireless, monstrous ogre are taking advantage of your observance, first-hand of the slick maneuverings of the Olympian athletes, just as they did with their coverage of the Super Bowl.

The main problem I have personally with the aired presentations of those who promote the various athletic events is not the competition per se, but the brevity of the intermittent snatches of the various competitions. Compare that, if you will, with the lengthy portrayals of the repetitive advertisements.

By actual count (using my trusty stopwatch) the ads absorb more than half the time devoted to sports, news and/or dramatic presentations.

That's enough about timing, etc., so we turn briefly to the lachivious, lecherous, lewd programs for the purient. These feature sex aplenty, nudity and other suggestive showings.

Add to this the blood-and-guts displays of the wanton, murderous slaughter flashed on the screen.

The sex and slaughter movies are unfit, not only for children, but also for adults possessed of even a modicum of morality.

The solution(s): liberal use of the mute' and off' buttons on your remote; either that, or expulsion of that monster that resides in your home.