Fire burns several acres on Davenport Road

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Central Volunteer Fire Department received a fire call Monday afternoon at approximately 3:20 p.m. for a grass fire on Davenport Road, according to Central Head Firefighter Wayne Roper.

Roper said when his units arrived on the scene, the fire was rapidly spreading toward a nearby home. Central units then contacted the Butler County Forestry Commission to alert them of the fire and to request their assistance.

Brushey-Mashy Creek Volunteer Fire Department, M & D Volunteer Fire Department and two forestry plows responded to the fire, which was still burning at 8:30 p.m. Monday night.

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Roper said the landowner said a neighbor had been burning trash and the fire jumped the road and spread onto the property.

He said that when the Central units arrived on the scene, the fire was fully involved and spreading toward the nearby home.

Roper said the incident is still under investigation and it has not yet been determined how many acres of land were burned or the cause of the fire.

He said that most, possibly all, of the fires which have occurred since last Wednesday have been caused by carelessness in controlled burning.

"Most of the fires, if not all, were started by burning trash or brush," Roper said. "People don't realize as dry as it is, they have to be careful."

He said that people wishing to burn trash or brush should make sure wind and weather conditions are favorable for burning and be careful to keep the fire under control.

"Those who want to burn should make sure wind is not blowing and that there is a good fire break around," the firefighter added.

Roper said one of the main reasons he became a firefighter was because he does not like fire and that he may be able to help someone out in a tough situation.

"One reason I do what I do is because of my dislike for fire and if I can help someone I will," he said.

"Someone else might have a different opinion, but I would say the main cause of fires is carelessness," Roper said. "Central has been to five fires since Wednesday which were caused by people burning trash and brush and did not take into consideration the wind and other factors."

He said individuals should be extremely careful when burning trash and brush and also when discarding cigarettes.

Central Volunteer Fire Department was one of the first fire departments established in Butler County, according to Roper. He said the department is strictly volunteer with funding coming strictly through fundraising events.

Central covers a five-mile radius from their station, but is available to help other departments whenever needed.

"We have a five-mile radius we cover, but as a county organization, we back any other fire departments we need to," Roper said. "We go anywhere we are needed."