Shelby remembers the small towns

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Senator Richard Shelby visited Greenville on Monday, and offered a world of knowledge concerning policymaking in Washington, D.C. to those of us in Butler County.

From terrorism to prescription drugs to the economy, Shelby answered questions that were on the minds of Butler Countians, showing both sincerity and concern for those of us who live in small towns.

It is obvious from his meeting that Sen. Richard Shelby does not focus only on the big cities of Alabama, but remembers those who live and work in small towns. His concern to ensure that small towns across America have the same opportunities as metropolitan areas were issues that were discussed, and eased many residents minds.

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Some issues that he pointed out are important to our area include the airport expansion project in Greenville, which will help bring more industries, an up-to-date healthcare and strong security in public buildings.

Sen. Shelby said last year he held his 1,000 county meeting, and plans to continue to hold these types of meetings.

We are lucky to have such a powerful and honest senator in Washington who remembers that even the small towns are still towns.