Be a gentleman, that is, a Southern one

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Once upon a time, there was a land far south of the Mason-Dixon line that was known for its southern hospitality. Although many visitors still comment on how "nice" the people are, they are not seeing how southern hospitatility used to be, or that is, how southern gentlemen used to be.

Now don't get me wrong from the beginning, there are still some men who believe in that way of life

opening doors, paying for dinners, and even sending flowers. But, most of the time, it's the older generations rather than Generation X and younger that still hold true to this type of lifestyle.

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Having been in the single scene for some time, I have witnessed some acts by young gentlemen that my grandmother, and even my mother and stepmother, would have a heart attack over. The methods of swooning women seems to have changed drastically since even my mother was single.

One of the most recent incidences occurred here in the small town of Greenville. Now, guys I know that this is a small town, and newcomers to the town are often rare, but this is not the way to try and get a date.

I was headed home one day after work, and had stopped at a red light, when I looked over to find two young men grinning vivaciously at me. They then turned the radio up really loud (I guess to show me the boom' of their system.') When I had no reaction to them, they both grinned at me, nodded their head, and when the light turned green, the driver spun the tires, and off they went. I can't say I was swooned.

Guys, it also is not recommended for you to ask a girl on the first date if she wants to go cow-tipping' or mud-riding', especially when she's dressed for dinner.

Another thing not to do is to call a girl (especially if you've only spoken to her once) and ask her what your ex-wife has been saying about you. Not a good impression, because if you're that worried about it, then it's probably all true.

I am lucky in that I have found a man who believes in the southern gentleman' way of life. He's sweet and kind, and he listens to me even when I'm being irrational. What a man.

(Honey, if I don't get those roses on Valentine's Day, don't bother to call. I'll be out in the hills tipping over cows.)