quot;Tell it like it isquot;: Linda#039;s motto

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 30, 2002

People who tell it like it is are in short supply these days.

However, we are fortunate to have such a person in our midst, one who holds a position of genuine responsibility.

She is a lady of the gentler gender, and she is at the core of Greenville's municipal operation.

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You've probably already surmised that our subject is the blonde who keeps our city government firmly on course, Mrs. Linda VandenBosch, our city clerk and treasurer.

She has been the behind-the-scenes-pilot who has interpreted and enforced the city code, which is a massive proliferation of rules and regulations that pertain to the smooth operation of the Camellia City.

Her first association with the fiscal administration of our local government was in 1977 when then Mayor Jamie Etheredge assigned her to the city clerk's staff.

She worked in that office's various capacities until 1981 when she was elevated to the position she currently holds.

Linda, not satisfied with merely holding the title city clerk, saw to it that she should become the most qualified person possible for her position.

The that end she pursued advanced studies at both the University of Alabama and at Auburn University, earning her certified municipal clerk (CMC) designation on September 25, 1985.

All one needs do is to visit her office and simply read the walls to see how very qualified Linda is to hold the title she displays on her desk.

She is a native of Butler County, and was educated in

the public schools here, graduating from Greenville High School. After that she completed courses at Massey-Draughon's Business College in Montgomery.

Her first job was with the American Red Cross in Montgomery, and she worked with that organization for a period of ten years, achieving the position of assistant to the hospital field director.

the Red Cross in 1975 had just cut her orders to report to offices in Thailand when along came Dennis VandenBosch.

She elected rather to become Mrs. VandenBosch at that point and moved with him to New York State to work with him at his family's bakery business.

The weather in that northern clime did not set too well with our subject though, and she and Dennis made the move back to Alabama where the elements were more clement.

That was in 1977, the year when "Red" Etheredge got her involved in the operation of city government.

Since 1977, Linda has worked at her post, filling the position admirably during the administrations of five mayors: Etheredge, Charles Kennedy, Larry Jones, Ernie Smith and now Dexter McLendon.

It appears there is much to be said for "telling it like it is."

At the very least it has made for an excellent working relationship between Linda VandenBosch and city government.

And the end is not in sight, thankfully.