Help keep the memory alive #110; plant a camellia

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 30, 2002

This past weekend, Greenville

City Hall was filled with colors only known by the Camellia City. The foyer was dressed with some of the most beautiful flowers the world will ever see.

The special occasion was a camellia show, which was hosted by the Butler County Historical and Genealogical Society.

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Dubbed by The Greenville Advocate's long-time publisher

J. Glenn Stanley in 1938, Greenville has been known as The Camellia City by those who lived here, and by those who have visited.

Tradition is something that Greenville residents know a lot about. From generations of families whose names have been marked in history books to homes that remind us of how things once were in the small town, natives of Greenville are proud of their home and their heritage.

The camellia is one such tradition that brings beauty and uniqueness to an already-picturesque town. The Historical Society knows of many traditions and their effort to remind residents of the past, and keep these memories alive, is one to be commended.

This spring, help the Historical Society with their mission. Plant a camellia bush, and keep the memory of J. Glenn Stanley alive for another 60 years.