Five tips for succeeding on the job

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Finding qualified applicants to fill most jobs is not too difficult according to human resource managers.

They say the real challenge is finding people who want to work, are willing to invest time and energy in their job and can be counted on to do a good job.

The people who usually get ahead have certain qualities or characteristics that set them apart from others, says Dr. Jacquelyn Robinson, a community workforce development specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

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She offers these five tips to employees:

Become an expert.

Simply doing what the company expects of you is not enough.

Set yourself apart by setting high standards for yourself.

Look for ways to do job tasks more efficiently so that both you and your co-workers are more productive.

Learn everything possible about your job and how your responsibilities contribute to the organization's overall productivity.

Volunteer to help and teach others.

Be sensitive.

Make an effort to understand your environment, your employer and your co-workers.

Be tolerant of others and their lifestyles.

Show respect for others and for your employer by being conscious of personal habits that others may find annoying, such as chewing gum, smoking, gossiping or making personal phone calls.

Take time to listen to others and offer help when appropriate.

Try to fit into all groups.

Accept constructive criticism in the manner that it was intended.

Be dependable.

Arrive at work early, stay late if necessary to get the job done.

Complete all assignments on time.

If a problem arises unexpectedly to prevent you from finishing a task or project, talk with the people affected.

Both your boss and your co-workers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Be flexible.

Show a willingness to learn and try new things.

Offer to rearrange your schedule when necessary.

Show integrity.

Give sincere praise and credit to others for their contribution to a project.

Focus on solutions, and approach problem situations as opportunities to grow and learn.

Do not abuse breaks, lunch hours, sick leave and other privileges provided by your employer.

Be conservative when using company resources.