Keeping roads safe isn#039;t an act of Mother Nature

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 26, 2002

On Nov. 24, tornadoes and flash floods wreacked havoc through some of Butler County. Gov. Don Siegelman and the Federal Emergency Management Agency since has declared parts of Butler County a disaster area.

According to Butler County Engineer Dennis McCall, 15 of those roads required actual repair with only four requiring debris removal. All in all, 19 roads needed work done on them to be safe to travel on again.

And then, the first week of the New Year, Butler County experienced yet another act of Mother Nature when parts of the county received up to four inches of snow.

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Mother Nature does not remove herself after such temper tantrums. In fact, it takes hardworking and dedicated employees to face what she leaves behind.

We often take clear and safe roads for granted. We just assume that the roads will be safe when we are ready to leave for our daily outings.

Kudos to McCall and all the workers of the Butler County Road Department.

We appreciate your tireless efforts in keeping Butler County residents safe on the roads.