IP employees donate over #036;17,000 to United Fund

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 16, 2002

It's not every day that citizens donate money to a local fund.

But it is every year that the employees of International Paper come together to help out other members of the community.

This year, in fact, International Paper and its employees have helped United Fund surpass its goal of $50,000 by donating almost one-third of the entire goal.

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"They have been donating to the Butler County United Fund since the Union Camp days," said Steve McGee, United Fund's industrial captain. "This year, the employees of International Paper donated over $17,000."

And it was that $17,000 given by approximately 420 people that helped the Butler County United Fund surpass its goal of $50,000 to an insurmountable $53,148.45.

"International Paper makes a big production out of this," said McGee. "The company has a cookout for all shifts and matches 60 cents to every dollar donated. And every time an employee donates, their name is put into a hat to win one of two $200 gift certificates to Wal-Mart. This year, those gift certificates went to Russell Hamilton and Brian Bundy.

"We think that giving to the United Fund is a great way to give back to the community. We employ so many from the community and we just think it's a good way to show that we care. We match 60 percent on every dollar that our employees donate and we do this at each International Paper facility," said Kristy Brown of International Paper's Human Resources department.

"As the industrial captain of the Butler County United Fund, I know that the people who receive money from the Fund are the appreciative of what the employees at International Paper do in helping the community," said McGee.