Remember your pets during the cold spells

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 29, 2001

The past few days south central Alabama has been experiencing a ‘normal’ winter. The temperatures have dropped and the cold, brisk breeze will cut through even the thickest coats like a sharp knife.

Most of us are lucky in that we have warm homes to hide in, warm beds to cozy into, and loved ones to hug us.

But, not everyone, or everything, is that lucky.

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Driving through Greenville, many may notice cats and dogs wandering in the cold. The Greenville Animal Shelter and the Butler County Humane Society are doing everything they can to take care of ‘homeless’ pets, but the rest of us must do what we can with our own.

During these cold days, bring your pets in. Like us, they get cold and also want a warm bed to cozy into and a warm body to lie next to. Taking responsibility for our own animals also will help in controlling the animal population.

And like most good causes, the best place to start taking care of business is at home.