Some days are always harder than others

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 8, 2001

Like most people with their jobs, there are some days when I've just had enough.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love working as a journalist and editor here in Greenville. I work with some of the best people on an everday or weekly basis

people that really care about Butler County and its citizens.

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But sometimes I find working as a journalist is really hard because as much as I would like to please everyone in this county, it's next to impossible.

Before coming here to Greenville, I was working as the editor of another paper on the Gulf Coast. One day, I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang.

To my surprise, the subject of the conversation was unlike any I had yet to encounter in my career.

"M'am," the man on the other end said, "I have a story idea for ya. I've been living here almost all of my life and I have never encounterd such a nuisance in my life."

My interest was aroused. I could tell the man was probably my grandparents' age and I always love to hear stories about how it was and how it should be.

"Well, m'am," he said, "I have the worst neighbors that I have ever had in my 76 years of living. I am a retired police officer and I know I could take this into my own hands, but I don't really want to go that route."

Still very interested, I asked, "Well, sir, tell me what's going on."

"Well you see, I have these neighbors who have three dogs, and each and every morning they let these dogs out and they come right over and go' right in my front yard. Do you think you could come over and take some pictures and maybe do a story on it?"

I didn't quite know what to say, but I certainly couldn't see myself heading over to this man's house and taking a photo of what was left by his neighbor's dogs and running it on the front page of the paper.

"Well, sir, best thing I could tell you is to write a letter about it and I'll see what I can do," I answered.

"I think a story needs to be done," he answered. "I ain't writing no letter to the editor. Can't you just come over here?"

I explained to the man that I was working on a deadline, but I would be more than happy to read his complaint and possibly publish it in the paper on the opinion page.

Well, he didn't like my answer and he quickly hung up.

I felt bad for the man and I really would have liked to have helped him

and the dogs, who I think had become the most wanted' on the man's list.

It is hard to please everyone in a community, but here at The Advocate, we really do our best to try and help as many people as possible.

But, some days are harder than others, and making everyone happy tends to be the most challenging part of my job.

Please, bear with us.