Keep Greenville green and clean

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 1, 2001

With the holidays quickly approaching, residents of Greenville are cleaning up and cleaning out in preparation for their Christmas visitors. This year, the City of Greenville will join in on that venture as they set out to Keep Greenville green and clean.'

The campaign kicked off on Tuesday with the dedication of the new street sweeper, which will help keep the city's roadways neat and tidy.

Residents of Greenville are asked to join in the efforts of keeping the city clean by taking a quick walk through their own yards each day, and pick up trash and debris that gathers during the day.

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Along with visitors for the holidays, Greenville also will have visitors come to town for Greenville Main Street's "City Sidewalks" which is scheduled for Dec. 15. Many visitors will be walking the sidewalks of the city, touring the historical homes and churches, and enjoying the natural beauty of the city.

Residents, take pride in the city, and lend a helping hand in keeping it clean. Take notice of debris and make an extra effort this holiday season to keep the city spotless and spectacular.

Together, we can make the best small town in America also the cleanest.