Scholarships give local students chances to succeed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Many local seniors will receive scholarships this year from local businesses and organizations as well as from colleges across the globe.

Students who achieve scholastic goals during their high school careers will be rewarded for their efforts and given the chance to further succeed in their chosen careers. Several students will receive scholarships to prestigious schools such as Troy State University, the University of Alabama and Auburn University.

According to Michael McLendon, a teacher at Fort Dale Academy, approximately one-third of last year's senior class received scholarships to colleges and universities. McLendon said that the scholarships totaled nearly $350,000 and were given by Alabama, Auburn, TSU, Huntingdon and local organizations. Local scholarship donors included W.O. Parmer and ALFA Insurance.

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McLendon said he believes the number of scholarships awarded each year has neither increased nor decreased. According to McLendon, the usual graduating class at Fort Dale averages 40-45 seniors.

Greenville High teacher Pat McNaughten said the number of students applying for scholarships at GHS is increasing. She said the students are offered scholarships from institutions as well as local businesses, organizations and the military. According to McNaughten, several GHS students receive scholarships each year and the average number of students receiving scholarships is 40 percent of the senior class.

Georgiana High School teacher Janice Daves said the number of scholarships available to students is definitely increasing. &uot;We have access to scholarship information on the Internet now,&uot; she said. &uot;This makes it easier for students to find out about more scholarships.

Besides the usual scholarships from institutions and the military, Georgiana students also are also offered scholarships from local organizations such as the Three Arts Club of Georgiana and Chapman, the Troy State University alumni association and Petty and Ferry Lancaster.

The number of students receiving scholarships at Georgiana High School last year was 21, according to Daves, but the number will most likely be lower this year due to the smaller class size.

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College Financial Aid Director Wendy Johnson said that LBW gives a large number of scholarships to students each year. This includes athletic scholarships, institutional scholarships and founders scholarships. Johnson said she feels it is very important for institutions to offer scholarships to students.

&uot;Students have to have help with tuition,&uot; she said. &uot;It is important that we offer financial aid to the students.&uot;

With the number of scholarships on the increase, more students will be given opportunities in life that they would not normally have.