MACH 1 ain#039;t even in the game

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 6, 2001

Our Camellia City is advancing towards stardom at a pace that freezes MACH 2 in place.

For the uninitiated, MACH 2 is the speed of an aircraft that is traveling at twice the speed of sound, and sound move along at a pretty good clip, even at MACH 1.

A pair of accomplishments, one in the realm of recreation and the other in the area of academia, jolt one into the realization that Greenville is indeed moving forward in a very timely manner.

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We'll take them in a random order, starting with the recreational advancement that is embodied in the construction and usage of the Robert Trent Jones 36-hole championship golfing complex.

The enterprise, a dream of several years' standing in the inner recesses of the hearts and minds of Kenneth Hartman, David Bronner and Dexter McLendon, has become a reality.

Its effect on the economy of our immediate area already is apparent, with the construction of new motels and the birth and expansion of numerous fast-food emporia and seated dining restaurants.

The advent of the golf course has extended the city limits several miles northward and has attracted the attention of industrial and business leaders from far and wide.

The result is that the possibilities and probabilities of tremendous advances in the world of commerce hereabouts are, in a word, limitless.

The fruition of another dream of long standing that has become reality noted here has been at the local Lurleen B. Wallace Junior College campus.

The idea for the LBW expansion to Greenville originally was spawned by its former president, Dr. Bill McWhorter and Greenville's own W. E. (Gene) Hardin who still serves as a board director of the college.

Installation of this new campus provides easy access to its facilities for many of our citizens who otherwise would be denied the privilege.

LBW presents a sterling opportunity for advancement of its student body, many of them in their present work place and others who aspire to continued education at other institutions of higher learning.

Those two elements – the college and the links – have upgraded the profile of the Camellia City, economically, culturally and in all other positive aspects of our already above average society.

And just recently, Greenville has been named America's no. 1 small city.

Hang on folks, MACH 2 is falling behind us.

(Note: We apologize to Frank and Becky Hickman for having accused them of parenting that renowned newspaper columnist, Dickie Bozeman. Actually, the reverse is true n Dickie is the father of Becky Hickman.