Risk-taking, Job-making leadership helps county

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 18, 2001

For months, local leaders have worked diligently to decrease unemployment and increase revenue in Butler County.

Two of the primary projects are the development of the Butler County Industrial Park – where buildings are being filled before construction is completed – and the enticing of a major computer technical support center.

One advantage Butler County enjoys compared to the other 30-plus counties trying to catch the computer company's attention is location. Locating the business here would complete a four-plant cluster in the southeastern United States.

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Butler County is a jewel.

But, the locating of the company in Butler County comes at a hefty price

one that some are hesistant to pay.

However, on Monday, the Butler County Commission approved the guarantee of $500,000 to assist in the company choosing Butler County as the last in its cluster, in addition to the $3 million contributed by the State of Alabama.

Butler County – there may be jobs in the near future.

But, still, the hesitations exist and a fear of increased taxes looms in many minds.

&uot;The governor said no taxes and I say no taxes,&uot; said Butler County Commissioner Gary Hanks.

The concern is, of course, valid. After all, plans for a $2 million jail also is in the county budget and borrowing money is not something that comes as second nature to Butler County leaders.

But, if jobs don't come to Butler County (and this would create 500, paying more than minimum wage), then residents will have to leave the county, taking that revenue with them.

We need to make money in Butler County, not lose it.

Thanks, commissioners, for making it possible.