Greenville resident works to become a master of faith

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 18, 2001

Becoming a master of faith is no easy task. Ask any pastor of any church and they will say that it is a task that requires dedication, hard work and mostly faith.

Gary Haskew, a member of First Assembly of God in Greenville, has decided that his faith is what matters most in his life and will make a pilgrimage to Mobile to further his relationship with God.

On September 8, Haskew will join the Master's Commission, an intense three year training program for those who are hungry to a move of God in their lives, which is sponsored by Calvary Assembly of God in Mobile.

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"I had the experience of working with them when they came to visit here in Greenville," said Haskew. "Since then, I have prayed a lot and I believe this is what God wants me to do."

During his studies, Haskew will be involved in all types of missions throughout the community. The Radical Youth Invasion (RYI) is designed for students throughout the public school system. The RYI team will perform skits at school assemblies with its main message focusing around anti-drug, anti-violence and anti-gang tenets.

Yet another mission will give "Houses of Horror" a new twist when during the Halloween season, students of the commission will take people of all ages through a powerful maze of real-life horror scenes. Last Halloween, 11,000 lives were touched.

Warriors of the Light is a second mission that Haskew will be involved in. This mission is made up of Calvary Assembly's youth and young adult ministry who work with the young People of the church in discipling and mentoring the growing numbers of youth that attend on a weekly basis.

But Haskew will make other pilgrimages that will take him outside of Mobile. The students of the Master's Commission also will take mission trips throughout the United States and internationally to spread the word of God to residents of other countries.

But, this is not the first time that Greenville residents have become involved in the program. Two other members of Calvary Assembly of God, Tabitha Lawley and Leigh Ann Myrick, also have been involved with the program.

"Tabitha will be going back this year," said Assistant Pastor John Hall. "Most of the members that join the Master's Commission are fresh graduates and we are proud of our students that go."

While there, Haskew will live with members of Calvary who open their homes to students of the program. "It's like an exchange student program," said Hall.

The cost of the program is $3,900, which will cover all expenses for students of the commission. Donations are being accepted on behalf of Haskew by the church and can be mailed to First Assembly of God, Attention: Master's Commission, P.O. Box 501, Greenville, Alabama 36037.