First day jitters felt at GHS

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Going into the second year at Greenville High School, some elements were the same for the first day of school, and others were improved over last year.

Two hundred forty-five newly enrolled freshmen converged on the 40-acre campus for only the second time in their lives, following the recent &uot;Freshmen Safari&uot; held to get them acquainted with the new surroundings.

Nervous would have been an understatement for the emotion felt by the newcomers to the immense school campus –students were saying things like, &uot;How am I going to find all my classes,&uot; and &uot;I’ll never be able to get there on time,&uot; and &uot;I sure am glad the upperclassmen know their way around, they have been helping us a lot.&uot;

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&uot;Things are going pretty smoothly today,&uot; said John Black, principal of Greenville High School. &uot;It seems as like they (students) are finding their way to classes faster this year.&uot;

Special arrangements were made for the first day of school, to allow for a more comfortable environment, and a smoother transition into the new school year.

&uot;Homeroom period was longer today, so all the necessary paperwork could be completed,&uot; Black said. &uot;The students also were given their ‘student handbooks’ during homeroom, and the teachers went over the book with them — everything is going exceptionally well.&uot;

Don Yancey, assistant principal said he too noticed a smoother flow through the day.

&uot;I think a lot has to do with the fact that the teachers are familiar with their way around the campus this year,&uot; Yancey said.

&uot;Another aspect that helped was that only the freshmen were new this year, instead of the entire student body and faculty,&uot; said Assistant Principal Jai Hill.

And outside the building in the parking and drop-off areas, parents were seen giving each other &uot;high fives&uot; after their children were inside the building, no doubt glad to see a new beginning in their children’s school careers.