Three cheers for our little ambassadors

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2001

They are the only ones that accomplished it. We knew they could/would. Now its time to cast our accolades toward those little ambassadors for the Camellia City, the 2001 Greenville Dixie Youth All-stars.

All of our teams (in all age brackets) competed in the Sub-district tournaments, some here and some abroad.

But only the boys from Day Memorial Park made it past them.

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While that says a lot for the coaches, it says even more for the boys playing. Which leads to a very important point. Dedication n not anyone's fault, just an effect Father Time has on each.

When you think about it, starting out with T-ball, kids are groomed for athleticism.

Once graduating to the pitching variety, instead of the mechanical version, the players are excited about the sport, eager to play and learn, and, I think, more in tune to listen to what the coaches have to say.

They don't yet have those hormones zinging around inside of them causing a confusion they cannot control, nor do they detect, much less get affected by the presence near the field of the opposite sex.

As they age, interests will change and attention spans will divert; although dedication is perceived to be unwaivered by the individual, the influence of the elements within will cast an unnoticed (by the individual, not the parents) spell on the thoughts and abilities.

It is at this point that dedication becomes a great challenge, and many times, the athletic side loses to the romantic tugs on heartstrings.

But that is OK, because the elements of time are not only dealing with just one, but both genders.

While that shortstop that was accustomed to saving the game with quick response while scooping and swooping the ball like a rocket to first base may now find he is distracted by the cute young lady watching him from the stands; she equally overlooks the fact that he trips over his own shoelaces when he glances her way, while intending to glance at the targeted glove at position number three.

So, as you can see, the Earth will continue to rotate on its axis, the sun will once again rise in the eastern sky and descend to the west, and when the lights come on, the food-chain cycle of the "bigger bug eats littler bug" will continue to prevail.

Life goes on.

But in the meantime, back to the important subject matter at hand.

Those young lads represented their community well, with good sportsmanship, and a genuine desire to excel while having a good time doing it.

They went the distance, and nearly surpassed it, so when you have the opportunity, tip your hat to our All-stars n they are the Sub-district Champions, and the greatest of all in our hearts and minds.

************************Now for the curve ball.

In just about a month, both athletes and spectators alike will gravitate in a different direction n tailgates will again become a popular table/chair combination, and the slats of metal on the bleachers will be replaced by cushions atop concrete.

Yep, it's nearly football time again, and all of our schools are getting ready for the day when they can officially begin practice.

While there will be fall softball and baseball competition (why not, after all, the weather is perfect in the fall for some diamond-action), the familiar odoriferous emanations of charcoal grilling hamburgers, hotdogs, cooking of funnel cakes, popcorn, and hot chocolate will fill the air, much to the delight of our nasal passages.

Get ready, its just around the bend, and our athletes are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make us cheer, and they look forward to glancing up from the field to see the stands filled with cheering fans. Don't disappoint them.

From way out here in Deep Left Field, I'll be looking to see you all looking back at me, looking at you.