Dixie Boys hang in for five more

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2001

The 2001 Dixie Youth All-star Boys were in Columbiana-Webb last week for the District Championship Tournament, and went five games deep before coming home, falling twice, to Ozark both times.

Head Coach Fred Johnson said he was very proud of his team, which went farther in the tournament competition then any other age bracket this year.

&uot;The team played really well, and I am proud of them n they represented their hometown with good, clean sportsmanship, and did the town proud,&uot; said Johnson.

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Game one was nearly a shutout for pitcher Lynn Lewis.

Greenville 5, Geneva 1

In the first three innings of play, neither the visiting Greenville team nor hosting Geneva could score a run.

Then in the top of the fourth, Greenville came alive.

Leading a streak of five runs was Blake Mullins, followed by Josh Longmire, Reco Johnson, Dalton Gregory, and bringing up the end of the batting order was Darel Carter.

Although this was the end of Greenville's scoring for the game, they only allowed one run to score for Geneva, also in the fourth inning.

Mullins led the team, hitting two for three.

Ozark 9, Greenville 0

Game two was not a good one for Greenville, and after 5-1/2 innings, Ozark had shut them out, 9-0.

&uot;We just didn't have it going on in this game,&uot; Johnson said. &uot;We had 11 errors, two stolen bases against us, and we had nine strike outs n it was just an off night.&uot;

Greenville 3, Eufala 2

Game three saw a renewed attitude from the Greenville boys, as, according to Johnson, the errors had been identified from the previous game, and practice proved they could be eliminated.

&uot;I think we found our weaknesses, and have worked them all out,&uot; Johnson said.

Mullins started the team off in the first inning, when he scored the first run of the game following a Josh Longmire double.

Reco Johnson pitched a no-hitter through the fourth inning against Eufala.

When Greenville came into the bottom of the fourth, Lynn Lewis scored following a base hit and stolen bases to first and second, when Mullins hit a single to drive him in.

Eufala came to the plate in the top of the fifth inning and managed to send two batters in to score, although that would be the only scoring for them this night.

Johnson made it an easy three up, three down in the sixth, then in the bottom of the inning, Tyler Newton broke the tie of 2-2 when he stole across the plate to claim the win for Greenville.

Mullins led at bat, going two-for-two, and Longmire was one for two.

Greenville 12, Dothan 2

Greenville just simply outclassed Dothan when, in game four for Greenville they put down the boys of the wiregrass, by a resounding 12-2, in this, the shortest game of the tournament for Greenville. The game was over after just 3-1/2 innings.

Lewis and Mullins led the scoring, with two runs each in the first and second, and nearly every Greenville batter scored in the first inning.

Runs were recorded during the opening inning by Lewis, Mullins, Longmire, Johnson, Hunter Paul, Stephen Tilley, Stephen Croley, Tyler Newton, Davis Watts and Dalton Gregory.

Ozark 9, Greenville 8

The final game for Greenville was a true heartbreaker, as the boys started out in the lead then fell behind and caught up to tie the game, only to fall short by one run after the sixth inning.

Highlighting the game for Greenville was Stephen Tilley, who started out the second inning with a homerun. Also scoring in the second was Davis Watts.

Ozark came back in the bottom of the third to score three runs, and the score was now Ozark 3, Greenville 2.

Reco Johnson and Stephen Tilley edged back in the top of the fourth with two runs, taking a one-run lead of 4-3.

This was countered by Ozark in the bottom of the inning with two runs scored, to make the score 5-4 Ozark.

Greenville was unable to notch a run in the fifth, and Ozark came back in the bottom half to score two more runs, making the score 7-4 Ozark.

All were on the edges of their seats during the sixth and final inning, as Greenville made a resounding return with four runs. Taking the lead at 8-7.

But the lady of fate cast an evil spell in the bottom of the sixth inning, and Ozark was able to make two runs, taking the win away from Greenville, and ending the trek before the second out.

But the Greenville Dixie Youth Boys came home holding their heads high, knowing they had gone farther than any other team in the Camellia City this year, and each vowed to make it to the State Championship next year.

&uot;I am so very proud of the team, they did really well, and never gave up,&uot; Johnson said.