Just when I thought I was over it –I’m hooked again

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 21, 2001

Well, I thought I was past the WWF (short for World Wrestling Federation)– whether it was that the story lines were becoming boring, or just that I was unable to be at home three nights a week to watch the shows on TV is anybody’s guess.

But nonetheless, I was about over it.

Then, when I least expected it, the fever hit me again.

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I was in Birmingham for the first half of last week, camping out in a hospital room at HealthSouth Medical Center, while one of our children was undergoing shoulder reconstruction surgery — the same surgery, only performed one day prior to that of Atlanta Braves shortstop Rafael Furcal. The high-profile patients they have there are unbelievable — including HHH (short for Hunter Hearst Helmsley) one of the most awe inspiring athletes to ever hit the wrestling arena.

Anyway, I was rather bored on Tuesday afternoon (the day following surgery) so I decided to take a little ride, you know, sightseeing for a change of scenery.

As I steered up old U.S. 31 past the Vulcan statue, I changed the radio station to a cool sounding rock station. That was a good move, and probably motivated by fate.

During a commercial break, the DJ announced that there were still several tickets available to the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center that night, for — that’s right, you guessed it — WWF Smackdown!

Well, that was an interesting turn of events.

Going back to the hospital, I just happened to mention to my wife that the show was in town. When she said, &uot;You ought to go to it,&uot; I just shrugged it off. But the seed had been planted in my mind, and my adrenaline was renewed.

When our nurse, Rodney came into the room again (also a wrestling fan, and former minor league baseball player) I asked him how to get to the Civic Center.

When he said there was a special exit for it right off I-59 north of malfunction junction, I was even more eager to go.

So, off I went, leaving about 5 p.m. to make the two-mile trek for the 7 p.m. show (no sense in waiting around when I could stand in line).

Well, I don’t know if it was being surrounded by thousands of other WWF fans, or if it was the thuds from the pyrotechnic displays, or being within spitting distance of such superstars as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kane, The Bigshow, Lita, Miss Debra, Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon and his kids, or what, but I am once again hooked on wrestling.

There was even some comedy involved — as I took aim to catch a picture of Chris Jericho (Y2J) entering the arena, just as the lights went down to black, I was sure that I would have the perfect shot.

All of a sudden, BAM, the fireworks, mortar explosions and music erupted and, I guess it must have caught me off guard. Whether that was the case or not, at least I had a beautiful picture of the ceiling of the Civic Center!

But I did get several good pictures while I was there, and got to speak to other fans ranging from eight-to-eighty, and a good time was had by all.

And guess what — when I came back to the Camellia City, I made arrangements for my family members to turn on the VCR to catch the wrestling events on TV in case my job would find me not at home in time.

So, although I am still covering news and sports, and you will still find me out there in Deep Left Field, thanks to the marvels of modern technology I am once again a &uot;Wrestle-head.&uot;

Changing gears now, those Dixie Youth All-stars showed a tremendous effort when they defeated Troy last week in Luverne, and started the District Championship Tournament in Columbiana-Webb this week.

I am told they are somewhere between Dothan and Georgia, about 15-minutes from the Peach State. Wish them luck, and if you can, come out and support them, for they are supporting the Camellia City well.