Accused burglar arrested at scene

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 14, 2001

When responding Greenville police officers, responding to a complaint of burglary and unlawful imprisonment arrived on the scene, they located the offender and took him into custody.

The Greenville Police Department, early in the morning on Sunday, July 1 were dispatched to a residence on Church Street. When they arrived, they found a victim complaining that a subject had broken into her residence, held her down on a bed with a knife, and told her he would kill her.

According to police reports, Norman Lee Boggan, 19 of Spring Valley Road in Greenville went to the home of Stacey Simmons at 346 Church Street, at approximately 3:30 a.m. on July 1.

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The victim reported to officers that Boggan knocked on her door, identifying himself as her brother, and gained entry.

Once inside the residence the victim, recognizing the intruder, instructed him to leave, several times. "He was pushing on the door, then he forced his way into the house," Simmons told officers.

She then told them that she tried to get away from him, but he grabbed her again - it was at this time, according to the victim's report, that Boggan pushed her down and pulled a knife, telling her he would kill her.

The victim reported that she cried out for help, but did not think anyone could hear her, until someone started knocking on a window.

"I said I would be there in a minute," Simmons told the officers. "I then told him to let me see what they wanted, or they would know something was wrong - I went out the back door and to the neighbor's house, where I called police."

On arriving officers were informed by Simmons that the subject was still in the house, and that her children were in there, sleeping.

Officers entered the residence and located Boggan, ordering him to 'get on the floor', but he refused to comply.

"We then placed the subject on the floor and arrested him, charging him with burglary, first degree and unlawful imprisonment, first degree, and transported him to the Butler County Jail," the officers said in their report.